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Science, Engineering, AI & Data Ethics: Unveiling the Ethical Frontier

Science, Engineering, AI & Data Ethics

Delve into the captivating realm of Science, Engineering, AI & Data Ethics. Understand its ethical implications, unravel the mystery of black box models, and discover the TokyoTechX course that explores this intriguing field.

Expanding Horizons in Data Ethics, AI and Responsible Innovation with edX

Data Ethics, AI and Responsible Innovation

Delve into the realm of data ethics, AI, and responsible innovation with the “Data Ethics, AI, and Responsible Innovation” course by edX. Discover how these crucial topics impact our future and gain the skills needed to navigate the ethical challenges in data-driven environments. Enroll today and unlock a world of possibilities.

AI and Robotics: A Blessing or a Curse? – Transform Your Perspective with edX

AI & Robotics

Unveil the societal impact of AI and robotics in the thought-provoking course “AI and Robotics: A Blessing or a Curse?” offered by edX. Explore ethical questions, design requirements, and governance issues while shaping your perspective on these transformative technologies. Enroll today!

Independent Thinking and the Media’s Invisible Powers: MasterClass with Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky MasterClass

Explore the dark side of media and develop critical thinking skills with Noam Chomsky’s MasterClass. Uncover the invisible powers that shape our society and learn to defend against manipulation. Join now to empower your mind and navigate the complexities of the digital age.

Microsoft Germany CTO Announces GPT-4 Launch with Video Generation Capabilities


Microsoft Germany CTO Andreas Braun has announced the launch of GPT-4, the fourth generation of the revolutionary large language model (LLM) that enables machines to comprehend natural language. GPT-4 is expected to offer new possibilities including multi-modality, video processing, and faster responses. It will be a game changer in AI and another leap towards accurate human interpretation.