University of Metaverse adopts Blockchain Credentials Technology for its Awards. All U of M awards will be issued on blockchain effective from 1st January, 2023.

How will blockchain credentials work

Blockchain Credentials: Graduates will receive a simple, secure, lifelong link that can be shared directly with recruiters or published on their LinkedIn profiles. By clicking on this link, certified data can be read in real time on the Ethereum blockchain-based Polygon chain. User-friendly, personalized design, security, and durability are the key points of this latest generation of certificates.

Blockchain Credentials
Blockchain Credentials

You can download your award in PDF format from the link sent to you. The award will have a QR code that can be scanned without a QR code scanner application. Upon scanning the code, it will take you to the verification page to validate the award.

Upon verification, you can access the information that contains U of Metaverse’s (issuer) blockchain public key and the transaction ID. With this privilege at U of M, you can also share your digital award on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Blockchain Credentials
Blockchain Credentials

Benefits of using blockchain to issue awards/credentials:

When an award is issued on a blockchain, it can be verified instantly, by clicking on the verification link or scanning a QR code.

It can be verified by anyone (recipients, employers, third parties).

Reduce paper waste. Traditional records are usually held as paper files that can deteriorate over time. They are vulnerable to lose or theft. By storing the records as digital awards on a blockchain, the issuer can safeguard them from damage and destruction.

Tackling fake certificates using blockchain technology. Blockchain secures them and ensures that they cannot be forged or modified.

Digital awards can be shared an unlimited number of times in all formats: social and professional networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)
By embracing blockchain technology, U of M can ensure that our awards remain immutable and instantly verifiable from anywhere in the world.

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